Style Card Chat: BiancaBikinis

We chat to Bianca Forzano, founder of BiancaBikinis, about stylish surf-wear, oceanic inspirations and all things style. Check out her website here.


How, why and when did you start your label?

I have always followed my passion for kite-surfing and surfing and I started travelling around the world to find the best kite and surf spots. I started working in water sports and especially with women, teaching them kiting and organizing kite camps for women, and a couple of years ago I realized how much all the women where missing a beautiful bikini that was functional for the sport. They were complaining that they needed to wear a shirt or shorts in the water while having fun. They also complained about how difficult it was to find a cute cut of bikini, or a perfect fit for the top and the bottom at the same time. So I thought…why not create a bikini that stays on during water sports and at the same time is fashionable and trendy so women can feel sexy while doing their favorite sports? And why not give women with different body shapes the possibility to choose independently their favorite top and their favorite bottom? I added to this the Italian style I have in my blood and the “made in Italy” quality… and Biancabikinis was born!


What inspires your label?

Definitely my first inspirations are my passion for the ocean and my love for working with women in water sports. I’m inspired everyday in the water, in the waves, surrounded by other women that are free spirits like me, love nature and follow their love of the ocean. 


Who is your ideal client?

All the women that love the ocean and the beach and dare to show their body, just like me and my ocean girlfriends. Women who feel happy with their feet in the sand, the salt on their skin and the wind in their hair.


Celebrity inspiration?

Definitely all the pro surfers! Every time I watch a video of a surfergirl, kitegirl, wakeboardgirl or any other water sports woman, I just love the girl’s style and the femininity that the girls add to this kind of extreme sports… and I love my job more!



What’s your design signature?

Biancabikinis is not just a new fashion brand…it’s a lifestyle!


Describe your label in three words.

Lifestyle, passion, freedom.


Name one thing that you love about the fashion industry.

I love style—in everything I use in my everyday life. With my Italian blood I definitely have a taste for beauty…it can be fashion, architecture, nature or food. Fashion is a way of expressing style.


Where do you see the development of your label ten years down the line?

I see Biancabikinis as the bikini brand that represents femininity, beauty and lifestyle. I’m working to make Biancabikinis the brand that makes feel all the ocean girls comfortable while they are riding the waves, and at the same time, makes them feeling sexy in their cute and cheeky bikini. Biancabikinis can inspire all the beach-loving women that they can spend their life in bikinis on the wonderful beaches around the world.


If you could bring back and re-live one era, which one would it be and why?

Definitely the ‘70s—I share many principles and values from this era. The style, the easygoing way of travel, the love for nature reflects my soul.


A fellow designer/label/brand you admire and why?

I love another brand for surfgirls called Sirensong, which is for wetsuits. The designer gives surfgirls the chance to feel sexy with a wetsuit.

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