Are you curious about me and BB World? I'm glad to introduce myself and my Made in Italy Brand! 

Hello, my name is Bianca Forzano and I am Founder and CEO at BiancaBikinis. 

I was born in Italy, where I spent most of my early life and career, working in the corporate world as a consultant for big companies. 

Until I decide to leave the corporate world behind and start traveling to follow my passion for kitesurfing. I moved next to the ocean and the waves to have more time to be into water sports, that is my way to connect with myself, taking care of my body, my mind, my soul. 

Meeting with water women all around the world, surfing and kitesurfing with them, one message was clear: water women everywhere want bikinis that stay on, look great, and represent them and their passion for sport. So why not create a comfortable bikini that stays on while being fashionable and stylish at the same time?

That is how the idea and the opportunity to launch my own project came up. 

And I decide to share my passion for sport and fashion through my line of hand-made Italian swimwear.

BiancaBikinis has a very defined profile, a modern woman with class, natural elegance, sure of herself.  A woman with character and personality, who knows what she wants and bets to dress comfortably. An active woman full of life. 

With BiancaBikinis we offer eco-friendly swimwear, with a modern and essential design, the best fit, and a particular attention on technical details, to create unique experience riding with them. 

Designed next to the ocean around the world and manufactured in Italy with love.  



It is our mission to empower women around the world to enjoy the ocean and be confident in their body.



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Feel glam in your Made in Italy brand

"Made in Italy" has always been synonymous of glam and fashion. We believe in offering stunning swimwear that represent glamorous Italian style. We've designed the perfect cheeky style to make sure you look stylish and feel great at the beach and in the water. 

Designed with watersports in mind

Nothing beats a bikini that is designed for water women. All our designs are created with a reliable fit, tops with criss-cross backs and bottoms that feel like a perfect skin for the ocean. Our suits will stay on, even when you're out there crushing it in the water. Go enjoy the water while we think about the bikini. 

Ultimate comfort in your bikini  

All pieces are made with high quality and soft on the skin material from Italy. Every piece is seamless with no visible elastic band on the suit, so there's nothing digging into your skin. You'll always be comfortable in our double fabric lined pieces that suit your body. 

Design your own bikini

Choose your own style by creating a bikini that fits your body shape and your taste. Mix and match tops and bottoms to choose your favourite colour, fit, and size for each piece.

4 bikinis for the price of 1

All bikini pieces are eversible so each top has 2 options, and each bottom has 2 options. Mix and match for 4 possible bikini combinations. 

Support small business

Take a break from the big, international retail giants and enjoy the benefits of small business, local craftsmen, and strengthening our community.