The Girl Who Left a Job to Discover Her Passion: Bianca Forzano

The Girl Who Left a Job to Discover Her Passion: Bianca Forzano @Biancabikinis

Sale Servant talked with Bianca Forzano, the power behind one of our newest brands, BiancaBikinis

The Sale Servant loves Bianca bikinis. She has recently gained some exciting press. We have decided to share this with all our publishers.

What is the secret of Biancabikinis?
The secret is that Biancabikinis is born from my passion for the ocean, the surf, the beaches, the travels, the simple life in nature.  Biancabikinis is a brand for surfgirls (and every kind of beach girls) from a surfgirl who really knows their lifestyle and their needs.
When you work following your passion… your brand can just be full of this passion, and spread it to everyone!  Girls are happy to be part of a lifestyle that they love.

You are making & selling a range of hand-made sports bikinis – how did you get this idea?
My passion is the ocean and sports in the ocean… surf and kitesurf.  After my big change in life to follow my passion (before, I was a businesswoman in the city), I started spending my time on the beaches surfing and meeting surfgirls from all over the world. The message was clear… all the surfgirls want to not lose their bikini in the water… and definitely they love fashion.  So why not think about a bikini that stays on but at the same time can be fashionable and sexy?

We love the idea to spend the time on the beach to research your customers & experience, then make them in Italy. How this is working for you?
I travel around surf beaches because I just LOVE it… and this makes me meet a lot of surfergirls from all over the world, create interesting connections, and be inspired!  Production in Italy because… you know… what better than Italian style? We are known around all the world for our special style and good quality.  “Made in Italy” speaks for itself!


Leaving a safe job, setting up a company over different countries, what are the lessons you have learnt?
The biggest lesson is that there is not a right or wrong way to live your life, work, or make your business… there is just YOUR way!  This is my way… travel, surf around the world, meet special people that share my passions… and share it to the world through my line of bikinis.  Following our passion and believing in ourselves is the first step to creating happy and consistent work.

Who is your inspiration?
I’m inspired by all the special girls I meet around the world. In business, I’m inspired by Richard Branson.  He is the guru of entrepreneurs and he follows his passion …and last but not least is a passionate kiter :)

Why should shoppers come to you?
Girls are happy to be part of a lifestyle that they love… even through their clothes! We have a good product with good quality, and more than that … my bikinis represent a lifestyle and all BB girls are part of this! We are really focused on making our clients happy.

All Biancabikinis have also some more features that make girls happy:
- You can mix & match tops and bottoms in model and size… so no more problems finding a bikini that fit you perfectly. With Biancabikinis you can choose the pieces separately
-  You can have 4 bikinis in 1… because they are all reversible! So no more being bored of your bikini, you can change the combination every day.
- Everything is made in Italy… and this is enough to know that you can be sure of the quality of the product.
- If you are a surfgirl or a kitegirl you don’t have to worry about your bikini while you are riding your best wave… just ride the moment! Biancabikinis will stay on!

We love the idea of Mix & Match – a great concept for women who want to find the best bikini for their summer holiday.  How did you get this idea?
As a bikini shopper, I know that often you go crazy trying to find a bikini that fits you perfectly! Usually because you like just one piece and not the other, or because one of the two pieces does not fit you (we have all different bodies and shapes).  That’s why I thought about mix & match.  With Biancabikinis you can choose the pieces separately, and if you are different sizes top and bottom, or simply prefer different styles of top and bottom… you can play however you want!

You have lots of exciting plans, what is your ultimate goal?
Yes, I have a lot of plans about expanding in different countries, extending the production to beach clothes, creating events to show and sell Biancabikinis in new spots… everything will arrive step by step.  My ultimate goal is to improve the online sales, in order to reach all the girls that follow Biancabikinis and want to buy but don’t have a shop near them.

Who is Bianca after work?
After work?  My life and my work are so connected that I don’t know when it’s after work ;)


What are your future plans? Anything exciting?
The most exciting thing is to live the moment… and this is a moment of growing for me and Biancabikinis… what could be more exciting than that?  There are also some plans about expanding and partnership, but we’re keeping those secret for now… it will be a surprise.

Anything you wish to share?
I’m still creating the BB girls team around the world, with country Ambassadors that represent the brand with their face and their lifestyle.  There will soon be a campaign to select BB girls team, so keep an eye out for that!

So, publishers with an audience of fit, active sporty women who appreciate fashion, quality and versatility, will want to get in touch with BiancaBikinis to find out more about new collections, promotions and all the news on the BB girls campaign.


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