Bikini Island: Dominican Republic

Everyday something new comes up in Cabarete! As long as there is wind we all have fun, especially if we are wearing our favorite bikini! We wake up,we go surf and we jump in the water for a kite session. This is our paradise. In this country all we need is bikinis and wetsuits and the sun. We get tanned every day and we live an healthy, happy life.

Sometimes when there is no wind and it rains we still go to the beach and invent games to enjoy it to the maximum. You only live once! So buy your new Biancabikinis and Truli Wetsuit now and come join us in Cabarete!!

Here is our daily life in paradise!

I'm wearing: 

BIANCABIKINIS Amalfi Top in Blu Bubble

Suami Cavallo Bianca Bikinis

TRULI Mi in Blu


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