Miss Stance brought to you by Bianca Bikinis

Miss Stance has changed a bit!

Ladies, get your shop on! All our Miss Stance are now brought to you by different bikini brands, so every Friday look out for a new model of frivolous, sexy, pretty piece of beach wear. 

Today's Miss is brought to you by Bianca Bikini! This might even be Miss Bianca herself...


"Bianca Forzano is a passionate "ocean girl" from the south of Italy.

She made her life turning around her passions for ocean, kitesurf, surf, glamour... traveling around the world looking for the best beaches for kitesurf and surf and designing a bikini line inspired from the glamour mediterranean islands of the South of Italy. 

Combining her love for kitesurf and fashion, Bianca made the Capri collection of Biancabikinis.... sexy bikinis made to stay on during extreme sport.
Inspired from her favorites mediterranean islands she designed the Panarea collection of Biancabikinis...

Hand made bikini: no size… no seams… no stress. 

You can buy them if you meet her on the beaches of Cabarete or on the new website www.biancabikinis.com 



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